can someone marry bunny mint in FFXIV so she can get the eternal suit. perks of marrying her:

- has murdered like 50 different gods
- has a house
- knows how to Dance
- can bend the elements to her will
- learning to cook
- tall. related to tall, hot,,

send all inquiries to Zalera server

this reads as a joke as it's meant to but want that suit so bad so hmu

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@mint Wait, is this serious? Can you get a suit in this game? Also, do they _pay_ you to get married?

@stolas so there's already a gentleman's suit that women can wear, but it sucks. once 5.2 comes out on tuesday, the ceremonial bonding suits will be wearable by women (and dresses by men). to get the outfits however you have to get married to someone. I have the dress from the last time i was married in the game but now i need to do it again to get the suit lol

@mint If you are actually wanting to do this and you don't mind waiting a few days for me to hit Level 50, I wouldn't mind doing this as long as we get divorced after and we don't make it weird.

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