anyways i've been thinking about what consistutes a "hard" role in and i've come to the conclusion that it completely changes as the game goes on.

Early Game: HLR > TNK > DPS
Mid-Game: TNK > HLR > DPS
End-Game: DPS > TNK > HLR

early-game HLR is hardest because of the stress and lack of options. Mid-game TNK is hardest because gear matters a lot more and peeps want big pulls. End-game DPS is hardest because everything is a DPS check and if u fuck up even once das an instant wipe.

@mint I think I started on Tank, but there didn't seem to be an easy way to pull aggro at a distance with only 4 skills, but maybe I misunderstood how they work?

@ishiku nah tank is ass early game, i might even go HLR = TNK > DPS. it's a lot easier now that shadowbringers is out though!

@ishiku Shield Lob should have made it easy to get aggro on things at a distance, but back in Stormblood not having your full aggro combo at lower levels would've made it a lot harder to keep it. Now you don't have separate combos for damage and aggro, so it's a lot easier.

@TapiocaPearl Yeah, I think I had 5 skills unlocked in the training dungeon only let me use the first 3, and I don't recall any ranged attack in that rotation I used

@ishiku You get Shield Lob at level 15 from your class quest but if you were behind on that you might have been without it.

@ishiku Also for reference, after the tank rework in the current expansion you get a lot of skills at lower levels, so if you're properly caught up on your job quest and were to do the hall of novice as Gladiator now, you would have 10 skills at your disposal when synced to level 15.

@ishiku It just occurred to me that if you were in a level 10 guildhest, you wouldn't have Shield Lob, but you also shouldn't really need it in such a small arena now that you get Total Eclipse (circular AOE attack) at level 6.

@TapiocaPearl Maybe, enemies definitely kept breaking off to go attack NPCs frustratingly often though

@ishiku Yeah that doesn't surprise me. Low level tanks used to lose aggro all the time.

@mint I remember back when you got your tank stance at like level 30 lmao

low level tanking was _hell_, you couldn't keep aggro with the best gear and comboing a single enemy

(and I started as a GLD/PLD :)))))

@suivran yeah i know some people were upset tank got less technical with SHB but i'm happy i can actually play it now because it was rough as fuck before.

did you scream when they showed that PLD gap closer lol

@mint lol it's a nice thing to have yeah

Though I was more happy that płd consolidated into something more interesting than 124123123123 heh

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