Not playing videogames anymore because any time I ask for advice I get told to join the fucking discord. I will not join the discord. I will never join the discord. Put your knowledge base on something more accessible than a third party messaging app that could disappear at any moment you walking pairs of clown shoes

The fuck happened to just having a wiki. Lord. This shouldn’t bother me as much as it does but it just makes things so much more difficult than it needs to be. Discords are not an easy way to peruse a knowledge base of information. And on top of that now if I wanna keep up to date on Wagner bnbs I have to be subjected to a bunch of smelly weeb opinions. I’m tired

Me: can I just get like a basic outline on this character/class/weapon

“Oh join The Swept Plains discord. Sure it’s all geared towards super duper endgame content, but I dunno maybe there’s something in there for beginners. I dunno. Helping people is hard.”

Deadass this is the oldest I’ve ever felt. There is a discord for every single individual character in fighting games now. I miss forums so much

@mint Recently had to join a Discord to get a link to a Google doc with a link to a download of a file that I could then upload to a web app.

@caelyn literally got told to join a discord to get a google doc link pinned to the top of a channel when I could have just. Gotten sent the link.

@mint @caelyn Like, are they trying to get people to join so they contribute* or something?

* - share memes about their waifus

@ishiku @mint @caelyn discord 'communities' can also function as a more chaotic newsletter/group cuz even if u @ Everyone, the response rate is still better than twitter and even youtube display now. its all bingo balls now. algos playing powerball with ur subscribers/followers.

@mint in the aughts while browsing the forums I used to tie an onion to my keyboard cord, as was the fashion of the time...


@mint I have never understood discord. It's too much, like joining a hundred rooms back on IRC but it's for everything, even a single "server" can have dozens of rooms how is anyone even meant to keep up?

@mint Its a real blinder that Discord have played to be honest. They have had some really good software and then managed to link it so closely to gaming that it's just eaten everything else.

@a_breakin_glass @mint given all the awfulness associated with wikia i'll take discord over it (for now)

@mint u know whats worse than being told to join a discord????? joining the discord then just getting linked to a reddit thread or a youtube video once you ask for help there

@mint Tbh, using stuff like Discord chat "knowledge bases" and video "user manuals" is just "free speech" tech bros finding new ways to force us to listen to them yap on about shit we don't care about.

Because they're so needy for attention that they can't be bothered to earn it.

Fuck that shit.

@mint Discords are... not a knowledge base. maybe i should just go shout outside next time i can't figure out how to get a game working in Wine?

@mint Imagine setting up your community in such a way that every time someone asks a question it needs to be re-answered because the previous answer has been buried by newer messages and the search feature wasn't designed for looking up information 😷

@TapiocaPearl @mint and every time you ask people get mad because others asked before and you're somehow expected to already know that

@najimi @TapiocaPearl @mint

or they yell at you to look at the pinned post, and the pinned post is just... a game FAQ, exactly like what folks have been making since the 80s

except not on a public web page so nobody can find it 🤷

@najimi @TapiocaPearl @mint Oh my god, this is the worse from both sides. It's bad to need to ask at all and it's annoying to get the same question over and over again.

@mint Gonna suck for those folks when Discord hits the "get sold to a venture capitalist firm because that's what this business model is" stage of its life and collapses into being worthless garbage in real time.

@Aster @mint well. its already the case. Discord is owned by Tencent, a chinese company whose main stakeholder is the chinese communist party.

@mint I really miss when discord was just ideal as a group chat with custom emotes :possum_rawr:

@ink_slinger @mint they centralised on wikia, and wikia's UX, advertising and security continued to get worse

@aeonofdiscord @ink_slinger @mint the granblue wikipedia is a self-hosted mediawiki instance run by skilled templatewranglers and it’s a fucking blessing

@mint not to mention discord interfase is confusing and unnecesary messy in my humble opinion. I wish many more people in the gaming comunity at least dare to try Matrix instead, they may love it.

@mint also discord is comically difficult to use as an archive or archive separately. I installed Pidgin on my computer even though I don't use any AIM-like chat programs anymore specifically because linking Pidgin to my discord account turned out to be the least nightmarish way to keep logs of my gaming group's sessions.

@mint Really tired of hearing folks advocating for the use of Discord.

I used IM and Skype to get the same experience back in the day, and they just don't fill the same role as other forms of communication.

@mint is it any worse than to watch a 8-10
minutes video for an information as large as 2 tweets ?

it is not only gaming, it is also more and more the case in FOSS communities.

@mint I hate when I have to join a Discord just for one piece of information or a link pinned to the top of server.

Like, you all, please put stuff like that where people can actually access and find them easily. Wiki>Forum>>>>>>>Discord

@mint I refuse to ever join one of these damn communities. I only use discord to talk with my friends, and even then if I could get them off that god forsaken platform I would.


This so much, im so tired of people getting excited about new messaging/social network platforms that are clearly only a good alternative because they are still flush with vc money and havent been turned into a hellhole of advertisements and sketchy practices yet or just completely collapsed and disappeared.

The biggest problem with software design is none of it is built with any awareness that things eventually end and it is obnoxious (except for open source of course.)

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