i became a writer instead of an artist because i saw a diagram for drawing hands and i was like "what the fuck this is just math with colors" and knew it wasn't for me

"to draw a head, first sketch a circle?? hmm...sounds suspiciously like *geometry* to me, i'm gonna have to pass."

@mint actually tho. learning to draw is really just teaching ur brain to do a shitton of complicated math for you and that's pretty metal

@FirstProgenitor @myconidiosyncracy artists are powerful, i'm working with on reference sketches for my newest project and i'm just like "i dunno they'd look like if bloodborne characters were in highschool" which is just. a nothing statement. and somehow they figured it out.

@mint @FirstProgenitor artists are basically gods and also "if bloodborne characters were in high school" is a huge selling point for whatever it is ur making

@mint You're right. Art is math with colors. Music is math with chords. Games are math with code. A lot of things are "math with something" because math is a language we use to describe the real world. And it just happens to describe a lot of things very well.

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