okay this is all i've seen, but let me take a crack before i click and find out: "diversity shouldn't be a thing when it comes to art, because i'm a shitty fucking old white guy who has never had to deal with applying for 400 jobs and the ten that i get an interview with never calling me back once they see my face and realize i'm black because i'm white and annoying"


twitter is the worst thing ever invented because it convinced every mediocre white person out there that their opinion was valid and they needed to speak whatever bullshit thought that comes into their brain out through their mouth hole and we just have to put up with it. sometimes it's okay to just shut the fuck up. y'all know that right. just shut the fuck up. not talking is fucking free.

@mint This is, because twitter is white controlled. It is not inherent to the way of connecting and exchanging with people. As we can experience here.

@mint in particular it convinced everyone that they were a stand-up comedian and film critic in addition to whatever they actually do

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