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pinning this the second time around too because it's never not relevant lol

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hi i'm mint! you should follow me if you like writing, music, and videogames like me! i like doing design and am currently writing a novel about gay kids with psychic powers that will be releasing when it's good and ready! (not making the same mistake twice lol) i have a trash gremlin of an OC named Mint whomst i'm love dearly, pics attached. i try to be positive more often than not but bear with me if i get into a funk.

nice to meet you!!

"to draw a head, first sketch a circle?? hmm...sounds suspiciously like *geometry* to me, i'm gonna have to pass."

i became a writer instead of an artist because i saw a diagram for drawing hands and i was like "what the fuck this is just math with colors" and knew it wasn't for me

Also I’ve never really done a solo stream so sorry if I was shaky :o

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Thanks for everyone who swung by! DBZ:K seems pretty fun but I don’t see it being sustainable as like a long play so I’ll probably be doing Hat in Time tomorrow!

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when my post doesn’t land but my dedicated followers throw me a bone

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FF XIV Heavensward spoilers 

Rihanna broke up with her three year boyfriend, what I’m saying is I have a chance

i get to work from home tomorrow, thank fuck

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@mint Past Mint: we'll do a podcast about it
Current Mint: unless?

when i want you to be okay: encourage-mint

when i want us to go out: mint to be together

when i'm exhausted as fuck: mintally checked out

ngl if someone tells me that a sephiroth secret boss is in the KH DLC I could probably be convinced to stream it

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asking for help, $ 

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ok these are the games i'd be in the mood to solo-stream, which would you wanna see:

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