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pinning this the second time around too because it's never not relevant lol

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hi i'm mint! you should follow me if you like writing, music, and videogames like me! i like doing design and am currently writing a novel about gay kids with psychic powers that will be releasing when it's good and ready! (not making the same mistake twice lol) i have a trash gremlin of an OC named Mint whomst i'm love dearly, pics attached. i try to be positive more often than not but bear with me if i get into a funk.

nice to meet you!!

all that to say, granblue fantasy versus fuck u

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liking fighting games enough to want to play them but not enough to main them as a hobby is not wanting to buy it at full-price because it’s too expensive but knowing that waiting for a sale means you’re losing out on people who spent 6-8 months learning all the tech while you waited for the price to drop.

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This is extremely not useful and cancel gmail instead, that's the bad one

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Made a blood oath with my PS4 i'm also juggling space which is a result of pure, distilled meme energy that comes naturally and doesn't have to abide by the shitty company that owns its rights

some of you need to get back into riverdale because watching this show by myself is literally killing me

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My character growth is going on is amazing tbh

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there's a whatsapp group we're all gays now.....

need to stop saying “I’m logging into ffxiv now” because I immediately have to log off and get dragged into some shit for four hours

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More arts from @scoots! Again, they do commissions and you should see their pinned toots for more info!

Say hello to @venatus's character, Zenosha, a kobold Circle of Spores druid!

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@mint And then you have to make a bot for *that* OC, and hope that it doesn't eventually spit out a similar text.

LB now I have to make an OC for my OC named Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is my singular OC. they have a lot of potential tbh

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You know whose posts have really tickled me lately?
@mint (luckily I know just enough FFXIV and kingdom hearts stuff)
and of course @triz

Mint lore:

Her canon path of jobs is currently: white mage -> red mage -> dancer

Dated Harchefant, on and off again with Hilda, topped Ayermic once, now datint Yshtola

Favorite city is Kugane

Has a secret collection of Tonberry Merchandise

Gets Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg mixed up all the time but doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want the scions to make fun of her

Pulls pranks on Alisae with her brother

we live in a tribe

bottom cave paint

I just wanna go home and play ffxiv but I have to go to the dentist and do work and run errands and shit. Fuck real life let me be 7 foot tall bun with gun sword

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