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CW: Racism, fetishization of Asian people 

Kudos to this tattooer for putting out a warning

Too much effort put into a joke? Probably. Still worth it? Yeah 😜

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That time I convinced my wife that "Gettin' Schwifty" was actually from an episode of Friends

These days, whenever I listen to certain songs ("I Know The End" and "The Real Folk Blues" come to mind), I cry. Certain shows and movies too.

I want to make things that will make me cry when I finish them. Is that too ambitious? Maybe, but it's worth the effort all the same.

caps (not angry) 

Me: *takes a sip of tea, accidentally inhales, starts coughing*

I have written some really funny toots, just sayin'.

Today I got no game work done.
Today I got no curriculum work done (I'm making my own curriculum, did ya hear?)

I got ducking everything else done though. And then, after 31 hours of doing everything, my kid looks at me with those cute puppy-dog eyes that kids have and says "Hey Dad I sure would like those Fortnite Hulk Smash Hands!"

So then I also spent 100 hours playing The Avengers beta.

I'll be dead by morning.

My kid playing video games @2: What the fork is this?! It is magic!

@3: Hey dad, check it! I can actually finish a level within 30 minutes!

@4: me all the things related to this game immediately please.

@5: I know more about this game than you Dad, and I am going to explain that to you for the next 20 minutes while the game idles because I forgot that's why I actually turned the system on.

when my kid has a question to ask me but their absolutely certain my answer is wrong:

If you truly believe that "there is no war but class war", please soft-block me and go be ignorant somewhere else.

This, of course, reminds me of another regular interaction I have with dictionaries...

M: What's a haberdashery?
MW: goods sold by a haberdasher.
M: Fine, then what's a haberdasher?
MW: It's a person who works in a haberdashery.

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Me: What's a haberdashery?
Merriam-Webster: It's a place to buy men's clothes and notions
M: Wait, what's a notion?
MW: It's like a sundry.
M: What the hell is a sundry?
MW: I dunno, it's like a little thing or whatever.

@whiskers oftentimes i have already grabbed the bacon off your plate when asking "are you gonna eat that?"

i was pretty sad about it at the time but it kind of feels like hearing that your friend that signed up for a bear wrestling league got killed by a bear

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If I break my leg, I say, "nope. stop that, we need walking"

and bam, my leg is not broken.

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Some screenies from The bar is really coming along (tentatively named "No Place")

One problem: I have opted to use modular pieces, each with its own collision. However, running along a wall causes inexplicable bumps like you're hitting the studs with your shoulder and standing in just the right spot between tiles causes the character to shake up and down.

So...still needs some work 😜

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