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This morning, I woke up with two things in my head: an incident I had over Facebook with my Aunt, and a pop song I couldn't place.

I've been getting ready for the day, so they've both been coming back to me.

Walking the dog..."No she's being so stupid!"

Taking a shower..."And then I could've said this, and why didn't I say that to her?!"

It was her opinion, by the way, that in the wake of a devastating breakup she ought to council my brother on how "Love conquers all" and "You two will make it all work in the end". Three full paragraphs of that kinda stuff. I was very nice, I think: I could've chimed in and said "Shut up" or "No one cares about your opinion on this!" or "This isn't your damn relationship, stop pretending you know what..."

There I go again. Anyhow, I told her to move on, and that my brother needs our support not a lecture. That was all I said. She got defensive and snotty: "Can't I share my opinion?! If he didn't want to hear from me, he'd say so!" You know, that kinda thing. Fortunately at that point the rest of my family (it's a family chat) poured more support for my brother. That ended that.

So yeah, I finally got a chance to look up the song that's been stuck in my head.

"What a Fool Believes"

It would seem that my subconscious has a solid sense of humor. *

New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up!

In this one, I went over where to find my Diablo videos, and talked about the end of Season 23, the upcoming Season 24, shared some content made by the Diablo community, and was amused by "Stash Tetris".

image description: A large crystal is shattering into pieces. Above it are the words "Shattered Soulstone"

My newest love-interest is space. I've been reading Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot and a looong read essay called How to Destroy Things (I'll be reading the companion essays as well at some point).

Sagan makes it all super fantastical. Did you know that some moons show evidence that they were destroyed once (or possibly more) and reformed?

Needless to say, I have another idea for a game :evil_jake:

I've learned a technique for creating color palettes, a thing I am historically not very good at.

However, I'm using Aseprite to create the palettes and can't find an easy way to import them to Blender.

So the question is this: do I invest time finding a solution (time is at a premium, as always) or import a shadeless PNG for use with the eyedropper tool (knowing that the colors will be off slightly)?

I get why things are worded this way, but I keep reading this stuff in the voice of the comic book guy from The Simpsons.

pushes glasses up nose Best. Distro. Ever. Newbs.

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A few gems:

  1. Calling Ubuntu and its ilk "newbie distros"
  2. "Essentially, unused RAM is wasted RAM"
  3. "accept that Arch is designed as a 'do-it-yourself' distribution; it is the user who assembles the system."
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I'm building a virtual machine for coding using Arch Linux (you know, for fun) -- wow, the documentation is kinda snotty, isn't it?:pushglasses:

  1. I got into Lanegan in 2014 or so, and didn't learn that he was in The Screaming Trees for a few years. This is freaky bc my Dad was into The Screaming Trees.
  2. This interview reminds me of Jet Black calling himself "an old dog" and I realize I've always been that.
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Watching Anthony Bourdain interview Mark Lanegan is a trip.

I spent all morning debugging code. My character wasn't transitioning between start/stop or stop/start. Also, the mesh wasn't rotating as expected.

I felt defeated this morning, but after a nice meal I was able to figure both out, mostly by complete luck.

I know it works and I suspect it's written the way it's logically supposed to be written, but I don't get why it works.

(it blows my mind that we still use the phrase "walking simulator" to describe certain games even though that name drips cynical derision; it would be like if we called FPS games "gun nut orgasms")

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The fundamental difference with this project versus my others is that story is 75% of the thing. The others have interesting gameplay mechanics but CSH is an exploratory story-driven game with not much in the way of mechanics. It's Dear Esther in a bar...well maybe more complex than that.

(I'd describe it as a "walking simulator" but I fucking hate that term)

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At some point I need to work on the story for but that's one of those things that will probably go something like this:

BEFORE: Pfft, story's easy. I'll just start and it will all come to me.
AFTER: I'm never writing another story again.

On Monday a monk was sent to master Kaimu to inquire, “What is the greatest peril of caching?”

Kaimu answered, “Monday is my busiest day. Ask again tomorrow and I will teach you all I know.”

On Tuesday the monk returned and asked the same question.

Kaimu answered, “Monday is my busiest day. Ask again tomorrow and I will teach you all I know.”

another perfectly good idea (friendly international competition) ruined by capitalism

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I want desperately to do videos again, but essays are a lot of work (play the game, think about the game, consider what I can say about it, etc. etc.). There's a space for thoughtful reviews that aren't just "buy this or don't" and they'd be a heck of a lot less time to make.

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  • Working on assets for (screenies soon)
  • Started coding (a "64 version" of the platformer I made with my kid)
  • Halfway through Pale Blue Dot (what a read!).
  • Just finished Super Metroid for the 700th time (but first time in a long while) -- what an enjoyable experience!
  • Strongly considering doing game reviews (justification to follow because that's how I do😅​)
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