Taking breaks is important. Working on was wearing on me, so I took a detour and made these cool menus for my kids -- lunchtime is a little more restaurant-y now, which is fun.

That was last week. This week I've been working on some movement code for a generic top-down game. Instead of following tutorials to make it, though, I started from scratch. I used resources when necessary for ideas, but I was interested in working out the logic for myself. I tend to understand concepts a bit better (and they stick around in my brain longer) if I have to struggle through it myself.

I'll be recording a video this weekend, as well as putting together some more detailed documentation on it next week probably. It was a good exercise, and I got 4-7 movement examples out of the process. Those examples, by the way, will be available for public use once I've finished.

And for your Friday, please enjoy some lofi wrestle-time, care of Gatoh Move ChocoPro

This week has been a little rough for . I had to do a little project for the kids which took longer than expected

(maybe I'll release that...)

However, I did finish some sketches for Level 1 and 2. I also came up with an idea for a video (which I think I'll get started today).

"Productivity" is a sensitive subject for me because I don't have a lot of time to work so I want to be as efficient as possible...but that's just not something that can happen all the time. So as frustrating as it is to feel like I've stalled, I need to remember that everyone stalls -- I'll get moving again soon enough.

And sometimes it's just fine to stop and try something else for a bit.

Good morning Elekk 😅​

This has been a trying week. I have been implementing a new setup on my website. It meant a lot of work (and figuring out vimwiki) but now I have some pages up for so that's nice!

I have also started level design. Just a sketch rn but it looks like a promising first draft. For the first level, I am really focused on (1) introducing the threats and (2) helping the player strategize without the assistance of powerups that will be crucial in future levels

For your Friday
I have been pounding out sprites for all week and I am Blender'd out! Player sprites, enemy sprites and pickup sprites have all been updated. I also think I've hit a major milestone.

Yesterday I asked my co-designer (who has played the game several times) if he thought it was fun. He said "Yes." I asked him if we should start making levels for the game and again he said "Yes."

I think this marks the first time in a project that I have gotten past the prototype. It feels good :-)

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