That time I convinced my wife that "Gettin' Schwifty" was actually from an episode of Friends

Some screenies from The bar is really coming along (tentatively named "No Place")

One problem: I have opted to use modular pieces, each with its own collision. However, running along a wall causes inexplicable bumps like you're hitting the studs with your shoulder and standing in just the right spot between tiles causes the character to shake up and down.

So...still needs some work 😜

Binge watched season 1 of Kipo and The Age of the Wonderbeasts this morning. What am incredible show! The art is amazing, the story is engaging and the world is funky as hell!

Can't wait to get into the next season...

This morning I decided that instead of doing down-scaled photos I'll be doing vertex painting and baking it. I do worry this will end up looking too much like David O'Reilly's work though our modelling styles are fairly distinct.

(I'll do pixel art if I find the time at the end of production)

Needless to say, my week just opened up and I'm trying to decide between working on assets, characters or story. Could go any which way.

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It's been a long-ass day. Spent 8 hours rearranging my bar and implementing a state machine in Then Father's Day festivities. Then 2 hours of the kids being absolutely bonkers (half of which time I was cooking).

Of course I started the day folding laundry, which is a 2 hour process (at least).

Ending the night, as you do, listening to a pig getting slaughtered.

jfc I'm not getting out of bed tomorrow, maybe Tuesday either.

So, fun fact: if Google Maps is to be believed, my childhood home was about 1650 square feet. The idea of running a bar out of that place definitely fits the "dive" perspective...and it's a fun accidental fact about the place.

Also, apparently my actual problem is that I don't understand room scale.

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While I was blocking out the furniture, I realized my dive bar is too big. It's ~1650 square feet (with a basement). It's too big to be a dive.

Either I shrink it down, or I decide it's no longer a dive bar. Look at this dining room ffs -- you could EASILY get through here, even with the tables I'll be putting in.

TL;DR I bought makeup and I'm nervous about putting it on in 6 months 

I'm planning on doing a Halloween costume of Shimmer Specialist from Fortnite. I purchased some makeup for it last night.

Something about that action has me nervous. I've been exploring my "queer space" over the last year and a half, but most of it has been -- straight-passing: nail polish, leggings, long hair.

Makeup (specifically, colorful makeup of the kind not considered masculine) is a big new step for me (apparently) because while I am excited I am also nervous about (A) what people will think and (B) can I learn to do it well.

Like, often dudes dress up as a woman for a laugh, so they half-ass it to prove that they are still masculine. That's not my goal -- my costume is meant to be a loyal representation of the actual character (though, I suppose it's a gender-bent version).


"Last One Out of Beach City" might be the most adorable Pearl has ever been omg

I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine. I told her, "My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light." And she said, "I know how that is." Although, heh, I highly doubt it.

I'm so happy I've picked Steven Universe back up πŸ˜†β€‹

My goal, by years end, is to get at least a few hours into each of these games.

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