At this point in my life, I think it's fair to assume that I'm dumb.

(I don't know why I wrote this)

@miltsghostrehab tbh the best thing college did for me was get me to realize and accept a simple fact:

i'm dumb as shit! i know fuck-all!

and that's great actually!

intimidating, yes. doesn't feel good at first, definitely. but more shit you don't know means there's more shit you can have fun learning. and what is the first step to learning? realizing that you don't know something and need to learn it, really. you've gotten the worst part of the process already done, now you can enjoy the rest of the learning-cool-shit process.

so we're all stupid and that's great tbh


@wigglytuffitout This is an excellent point. Reminds me of Anthony Bourdain saying he always wanted to feel like the dumbest person in the room -- it made him ask the really hard questions.

@miltsghostrehab tbh learning to love being one of the dumber people in the room (or at the very least, not in the top 30%) in college was honestly the greatest rehab for being an overly-anxious tryhard gifted student!

it really helps you to come to terms with things like... "a gentleman's C." and when you've worked your ass off for that C, by god, that is a C you RELISH. and if you have your ass kicked in ways that are learning about fun shit, then fuck it, that's delightful right there!

...okay, that may also be helped by that C being mitigated in zoology by knowing i'm good at big picture and important details, but i took my knocks on the "name this part of the critter from dissection, pls" parts. and i did absolutely comfort myself with "it's ok tho, that's the type of stamp collecting knowledge that just. it's what wikipedia's for. the reference books know it. i'm good" LOL

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