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family bs, facebook 

A few years ago, I started a family chat on Facebook so that we could keep in touch. It has been somewhat useful.

It has exposed that our family is textbook dysfunctional: whenever a problem comes up, no one says a word; everyone acts like everything is fine.

Over the past 5 or so years, I've come out as queer to them via chat, I came out to Facebook as queer, and I came out to Facebook that I am trans. I've had multiple fights with my Aunt who gaslighted me, claiming she didn't say things she did and that I was "overreacting". I announced that my partner would now just be my roommate because we decided our romantic relationship was over. A few years ago when there was rioting in Chicago, I let them all know I was okay and my cousin starting spouting alt-right, QAnon bullshit at me*. How did they respond to these bits of news?

The crickets were lonely, it was so quiet.

A few of my family members reached out privately and have been very supportive. But mostly, no response.

So this morning (on my brother's birthday, of all days lol), I left. I posted the GIF included below, and pissed off. My Aunt (not the shitty one from above) reached out to say they were talking about me -- which is nothing new -- but that she totally understood why I left.

It was freeing. It was a relief. I wholeheartedly support anyone who wants to tell their given family to fuck right off because, babe, there are people in this world who want to be your family and will support you (and if there aren't, I will happily be your family).

It took me a long time to do it (and far too much fretting), but I do not and will not regret turning my back on the people who have never accepted me. Fuck 'em.

Every once in a while I get this song in my head:

Because when you are with me
I'm free!
I'm careless
I believe...
Above all others
Well fly!
This brings tears
To my eyes
My snack-rifice!

Pikachu: Hey Dad, do you remember that guy who has big hair and likes painting?

Me: You mean the guy who's says things like "Let's put a happy little tree there" and "There are no accidents, only mistakes!?"

P: Yeah.

M: That's Bob Ross.

P: He's in a Roblox game!

It is especially fun when my roommate and I are "battling" with our phones because most of her music is 90's/00's American Pop and Metal, along with some modern Pop.

It makes me feel very cool until she says "Who is that?" and I'm like "I have no idea, but it's awesome!"

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J-Pop is, like, my LIFE right now. "Melos" by WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA, "We Should Kiss" by ZOMBIE-CHANG, "Revenge THE FIRST TAKE" by KANA-BOON...

I hate to give props to Spotify, but you are workin' for me!

Hi my name is Hearth and I'm a trans woman in Florida.

I recently left the home i was renting and am in an non-ideal housing situation for the time being. I'm in need of funds to pay for cardiology appointments, medicinal marijuana, and, if you're feeling generous, my birthday this month which i'd like to treat myself for. If you're able, I have a few donation vectors to offer any support, and it is *greatly* appreciated.

Thank you thank you thank you, again <3

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

AI art, images and poll on next art book 

Which AI Art book would you like to see next? (Poll in next toot)

Anatomical studies of eldritch horrors;
Sketches of occult-ish sigils;
Warhammer 40k-inspired codex;
Voynich manuscript inspired xenobiology, plant and alien life

Psychiatrist: Have you ever engaged in reckless behavior, particularly to your own detriment?

Me: I'm planning on coming out on Facebook today.

P: Mhmm. Are you sure that's such a good idea?

M: Absolutely not.

AI-generated art of humanoid monsters, Elden Ring inspired 

This was me playing with prompts trying to get it to generate creatures like the Elden Ring bosses. It's tricky because Elden Ring is so new and probably doesn't have much in the model yet for the AI to build on.

Prompts were stuff like 'concept art, lots of arms, monster, giant, many arms, weapons'.

I was reminded of this yesterday. Seems like a good thing to revisit occasionally.

I have had an irrational love for Fallout 4 for years -- primarily for the build mode. I would go through the story mode then threaten to make all the settlements look amazing for years now (never did it, by the way).

My friend introduced me to 7 Days to Die (properly -- I've tried several times on my own but never got into it) a few weeks ago. This is now my jam and shitty, old Fallout 4 can sit at the bottom of my Steam list forever!

My favorite part of being a lady now is getting femme-d up and not being self-conscious about it.

...And also playing 7 Days to Die in my 3" heels at my standing desk is pretty dope 😃

Hollydog would like you to know that she is the saddest creature who has ever lived, or ever will live, because there are things that go beep and also I won't let her go eat the dead chipmunk in the front yard.

@miltsghostrehab tbh learning to love being one of the dumber people in the room (or at the very least, not in the top 30%) in college was honestly the greatest rehab for being an overly-anxious tryhard gifted student!

it really helps you to come to terms with things like... "a gentleman's C." and when you've worked your ass off for that C, by god, that is a C you RELISH. and if you have your ass kicked in ways that are learning about fun shit, then fuck it, that's delightful right there!

...okay, that may also be helped by that C being mitigated in zoology by knowing i'm good at big picture and important details, but i took my knocks on the "name this part of the critter from dissection, pls" parts. and i did absolutely comfort myself with "it's ok tho, that's the type of stamp collecting knowledge that just. it's what wikipedia's for. the reference books know it. i'm good" LOL

Practicing neatness with blackletter. Focusing on getting all the letters properly aligned and the same height with good spacing.

Of the three lorem imsum sentences, the first is textualis/textura, the second is the more ornate fraktur, and the third is the curvier rotunda. Fraktur looks a bit messy this small, and I'm not as practiced with rotunda as I am textura.


At this point in my life, I think it's fair to assume that I'm dumb.

(I don't know why I wrote this)

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