I plan on spending a month working on the dialogue system. I have tried to speed the programming process up...I need to stop that. It violates my code.

(I apologize for this pun)

(But I regret nothing)

"lazy" Saturday talk 

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video game gender nonsense 

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The Princess Bride movie v. book 

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qq: working on this game that takes place mostly in a dive bar. What kind of stuff would you expect to find in a bar?

leggings talk, on sale 

#devupdate no. 7 

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#devupdate no. 7 

consequently, my absolute saint of a partner got a fire in her belly to get one for our kids and she found (we're convinced) the last one in a 100 mile radius.❤❤❤

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joke: "social distancing is great for gamers haha!"

*insane mob buys out all consoles in America*

me: maybe we should get a Switch...Awww fuck!

Sonic Forces gender restrictive silliness 

leggings talk 

i like social media for:
1. telling others about what I'm doing
2. interacting with others asynchronously
3. self reflecting and reminding myself that I'm doing just fine

it's all love, baybay

development talk no.6 

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