i was just relating with em how we don’t make art when we’re grieving or in distress. and now i’m thinking how i have realized the themes in my art have been a parallel to my own feelings about my gender, and how much joy it’s given me to discover myself. it’s amazing how joyful gender can be

right wing gender role shit 

When you're being a tryhard for traditional gender roles, but they have so little bearing on your actual life that you have no idea what the fuck you're doing

Thoughts about Octonauts 

I need to write an essay or something about Octonauts. Considering that animals in this universe use human technologies, have developed a universal language (for almost all animals) and are often dealing with human-created problems like pipeline leaks and melting ice caps, there is a lot to unpack.

I've also decided Dashi is best: she is a photographer, a scientist, an engineer, AND a trained underwater cave explorer. Oh, also she apparently practices yoga. She's so damn cool :blobcool:

Oh thank Glob. Someone has managed to properly corporatize Twitch stream model.

(It's Vimeo. Vimeo did it.)[livestream.com/]

All I can think about is some guy named Stephen in a meeting who raises his hand and says "I wish we could watch this as a stream" and the guy's boss is like "GET VIMEO ON THE PHONE!"

the other day I went on a date with a woman from China who hasn’t been in the UK long and I asked where in China she’s from and she said it’s an area called Szechuan you probably don’t know it and I said oh like the sauce and she said yes how do you know about Szechuan sauce though and then I had to explain the fucking rick and morty thing and now I think she thinks coming to the West was a mistake

Busy day yesterday. I...

  1. ...was aggressively ghosted by a best friend from high school
  2. ...found an art style for AGAAD2.1. ...considered new names for AGAAD
  3. ...cut two fingers making lunch (they're still attached, just brutalized)
  4. ...watched a personal hero sincerely tell white people to shut up and listen more (which, yeah)
  5. ...heard the final verdict of the Derek Chauvin murder trial
  6. ...watched the wedding preparations episode of Steven Universe

...and now I'll sleep for a week, if you don't mind.

This has been sitting in a folder for a good two years waiting to be finished X Today was that day! Weee #MastoArt

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