So. I have a trans friend whose insurance is pulling coverage of his T. He uses the gel. Does anyone know like. If he can fight this or other options he has? He’s freaking out quite a bit. Another friend is offering to ration their gel to make sure he still is getting something until he figures out another way. Is this a bad idea? Neither of them are on fedi, but I’m hoping someone has some sort of advice I can pass along.

@mecaka Best advice is for them to contact a local lawyer. Laws can vary wildly from location to location, having someone who knows how to navigate the legal landscape in their area will provide the best chance for them.

@mecaka there are other testosterone products available--injections and patches come to mind as potential alternatives. Is the issue that no testosterone products are covered now, at all, or did they just opt to stop covering the one your friend is currently using?

@Archmage I think it’s all testosterone products he’s losing access to. Ration-friend suggested shots, he says those are quite a bit cheaper and he might be able to afford those without insurance.

@mecaka that does appear to be the least expensive option if nothing is covered. To give further advice about options I would need to know more about the specifics of the insurance company and which plan.

@Archmage I don’t think he’s even willing to share that info with me, though it looks like the actual issue now is he lost coverage cause he doesn’t qualify anymore. Took him a bit to figure out what was going on.

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