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uspol, impeachment proceedings 

Physical health 

An post appears!

I'm a (stay-at-home mom) and student. Most of my career is in , especially . I talk a lot about , , and my particular MH issues like and . I'm a survivor of & sexual assault and I talk about that sometimes too.

I also talk a lot about , life after , and my family.

I like , , and though I don't have much free time for it!

Brexit's silver lining 

While not my mood today, this probably fits for some of you. :borglove: Stay strong.

Meta, pissy 

Then there's the fact that that the character designs and animation Cuphead took from were often quite overtly racist, and in tweaking them just enough to put in the game, Cuphead whitewashed that.

But that's an essay someone else has already written:

absolutely blown away reading a news article about how Pacific Gas & Electric was found negligent and using funds for extreme profits since back in the 80s up to as recent as the Camp Fires. That's almost 30 years of profiteering at the expense of human lives, environmental safety and major infrastructure risk. This is just stuff that is KNOWN.

No one has gone to jail or is being held accountable for this. Crimes of this scale aren't illegal if you are a company.

Does anyone have a sewing pattern for a witch hat, or a good place to source felt in London?

I'm gonna make my own.

My new favorite thing about this is my freidmd who saw me talking about Holly winning the fat bear contest and didn't know I meant an actual brown bear and not the kind of people who are called bears and was like "ah yes, Holly is a gender-neutral name."

Now I want to be the fattest bear called Holly. :)

Ughh. Anti-cat 'wisdom' being passed around again.

'If you're dog was bigger than you, he'd still love you, but if your cat was bigger than you, he'd just eat you.'

Look. We know what happens in UNDOMESTICATED WILD animals of the same family that are larger than humans and kept as pets, and it doesn't even work that way with them.

It's World Day! I hope you can get the care and attention you need. For me, a combination of meds & new, consistent coping mechanisms has improved my life immensely.

I use the app primarily for sleep (my sleep has improved so much! It's great!) but also for some throughout the day. I have an invite code for 14 days of Headspace Plus for free. lmk if you want one!

Also, some info on free/sliding scale cost resources:

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