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weird to think that my family left mexico because of cartel violence and now are considering going back because america is far more dangerous now.


[LIVE on #Twitch }

First some more #RimWorld Crashlanding on the Ice Sheet! :D Will we ever get a working colony together?

Later, checking out #Neocab for the first time!


uspol, impeachment proceedings 

If you would like to keep track of what's happening with the impeachment stuff, but you don't want to be fucking inundated with information, this website updates daily with a TL;DR and also has a daily email you can sign up for.

Physical health 

So, with my Psoriatic Arthritis I've read up a little bit how to handle it and not make it worse.

One of the more important things is to not over do stuff, take breaks and relax, preferably before you start hurting.

This makes it easier for me to get through things, but it also takes a heck of a lot longer to do then.

On that note, I am going to unpack the last bag and start changing sheets in my bed.

An post appears!

I'm a (stay-at-home mom) and student. Most of my career is in , especially . I talk a lot about , , and my particular MH issues like and . I'm a survivor of & sexual assault and I talk about that sometimes too.

I also talk a lot about , life after , and my family.

I like , , and though I don't have much free time for it!

Brexit's silver lining 

It will remove the UK's idiot voters from the EU.

While not my mood today, this probably fits for some of you. :borglove: Stay strong.

Meta, pissy 

@ItsJenNotGabby Fuck yeah. When I had to drive an hour and a half each way to work, before starting to work at home full time, I'd have killed for a train or monorail, or even a bus out in the damn country, but Austin can't even get one in the city because of NIMBY dipshits who are afraid it'll hurt the property value on their $2 million run-down Craftsman home from the 40s on a postage-stamp-sized lot.

Then there's the fact that that the character designs and animation Cuphead took from were often quite overtly racist, and in tweaking them just enough to put in the game, Cuphead whitewashed that.

But that's an essay someone else has already written:

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Does anyone have a sewing pattern for a witch hat, or a good place to source felt in London?

I'm gonna make my own.

My new favorite thing about this is my freidmd who saw me talking about Holly winning the fat bear contest and didn't know I meant an actual brown bear and not the kind of people who are called bears and was like "ah yes, Holly is a gender-neutral name."

Now I want to be the fattest bear called Holly. :)

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Ughh. Anti-cat 'wisdom' being passed around again.

'If you're dog was bigger than you, he'd still love you, but if your cat was bigger than you, he'd just eat you.'

Look. We know what happens in UNDOMESTICATED WILD animals of the same family that are larger than humans and kept as pets, and it doesn't even work that way with them.

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