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trans flag discourse recap 

@InvaderXan @pfx @FrazzledBrynn Marcia posted the black stripe variant of the trans pride flag, and Cannageek argued that doing so erases all non-binary people and started suggesting alternate versions that decenter Black lives which was literally the entire intent of a Black lives specific Trans pride flag. they admitted to doing this without bothering to gather context. i could point you to a thread but apparently they deleted their replies.

chronic illness 

Me: can I just do [literally anything] please
My body: hahaha no

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This is such a good article. And I'm really appreciating finding out the backstory to why Chewing Gum didn't get a 3rd season.

"Michaela Coel’s ‘I May Destroy You’ Will Tear You Apart"

I have found the internet corner on my sister’s farm. Hello, world!

Oregon pol, non-binary, ++ 

"The appeals court said that a judge has the “authority to grant the requested change of legal sex”, without the need for a doctors note, and not restricted to just male or female.

“Rather, the new sex designation must affirm the petitioner’s gender identity whether that is male, female, or non-binary,” the appeals court ruled."

SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

"Philadelphia is in a state of emergency.
There are NO shelter beds available for families in the entire region.
 Please donate for AirBNB stays so these babies and their parents have someplace safe to sleep during this pandemic. 

Organized by SREHUP: Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia: SREHUP works to end homelessness for people and their pets. We provide housing, and the services and community that people need to thrive."

Give money to Black people. 

:boost_ok: Carlin is a Black Queer southern organizer who is trying to buy back their ancestral farmland in North Carolina. Their initial GoFundMe goal was met, but their offer to the bank was countered at a much higher number. This is how whites have kept Black people from property ownership since the Civil War.

If you can, especially if you are white, please consider donating to help Carlin reclaim this land.

re: ethiopia pol

it is back now it seems, but still surprised to see nothing (i have work reasons to pay attention to ethiopia, as well as just trying to stay informed when i can)

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ethiopia pol 

maybe just missing them but surprised to see zero posts on my tl that ethi*pia's internet has been shutdown since the 30th of june, after an activist was shot and killed

quite a few articles if you search, e.g.

Mastodon front-end users: have you considered turning off boosts, in the Home timeline settings?

if you're getting a lot of noise and not a lot of signal in your timeline, dropping boosts may help

you can turn it back on later

Everyday I think about how people have corrupted the idea of death of the author to, instead of being a lens through which we can observe a text, a kind of ideology about how to consume media in general

If we are mutuals here, I will probably follow and accept follows of you on @maloki as well.

If you don't follow Jameela Jamil on YouTube yet, you definitely should.

Let her short AMA convince you:

sex work, institutional racism, acab 

TS Candii, Tahtianna Fermin (DecrimNY) x Jameela Jamil on Sex Work, Race and Rights | I Weigh Chats

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