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Here are last year's designs! (also available in the link above)

I've refined my lineless art style quite a bit in the past couple years!

#mastoart #creativetoots #valentines

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Valentine, I can't "bear" what an "otter" "cat"-astrophe our "doggone" re-"lion"-ship has turned into, "deer". Please "fox" off

Valid criticism isn't hate.

Doesn't mean you have to listen to it, or have energy to listen to it at that point in time. But don't call it hate.

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untitled goose game, birdsite 

So UGG won a gaming award, and a whole bunch of gamers are pissed about it. Which makes the award even better.

If you've ever thought Hmm I really want to draw a smooch but I can't without an excuse, Today Is Your Day, friendoπŸ’‹

Cult of personality results in this:

I can't possibly do anything wrong, nor need to improve in any area, look at all these people who absolutely adore me!
Haters gonna hate!

reminder that when we eventually form the anarchist uyopia we've all been hoping for, we still need to make our communities and our living spaces accessible to everybody. And that includes getting rid of door knobs

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me ignoring you on the fediverse 

In response to an email:

If I don't answer your toots, it might be that my instance silenced your instance. Probably because your instance didn't respond to an abuse report.

I'm not ignoring you. My instance is ignoring you for me. Which I am perfectly okay with.

Clean up your instance, and we can talk here. Otherwise, I'll stay in my cozy abuse-free zone. :flan_shrug:​

Can you see it as I can? The clouds are parting and showing the way off the butte

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I'm wearing my desert boots but I'm climbing the butte today. See you at the top


so I know I make salty posts sometimes about how any activism that doesn't include #disabled ppl sucks

but I also post about how "do better!!" without any actual suggestions is p much useless

so, probably time for me to be Not A Hypocrite & post some concrete suggestions about how to make online and offline spaces better, safer & more accessible for disabled people

this will prob focus mostly on my own experiences/needs so would LOVE to hear suggestions from other disabled ppl

Everyone who likes this is my Valentine today and is entitled to all of my love πŸ’œ

You can use valentine to cherish your friendships. πŸ’ž

If you're going to reply to something I boosted please make sure you DON'T have me tagged in your reply unless you directly want to respond to me as well

You can use valentine to cherish your friendships. πŸ’ž

This is going to be an enemy for the game I am developing as my passion project
you can know about it and support it at 🌈🌈

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re: Notes Toward An American Underground 

Silence is the natural antidote to noise, but silence in the face of Fascism, which inexorably rises out of Trumpist noise, is complacency, cooperation and death. What then to do? How to construct a literature that will cut through the noise? Or overwhelm it? What is the metaphor we are searching for?

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