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even if we could abolish capitalism in a single day we would still have to deal with patriarchy, racism, nationalism etc. but if we can deconstruct these things we are actively sabotaging the capitalist system by attacking it's underpinnings

ill, moving instances 

Just found out the largest known structure in the universe is ten billion light years wide, takes up a 120° field of the sky despite being billions of light years from us, is made of a cluster of clusters of neutron star gamma ray plumes, and was named by a Filipino teenager who needed a title for the Wikipedia article about it (when the paper expounding its discovery didn’t offer a name).
Cosmology is fucking wild. Props to that kid what a legend

Here's a take: Media designed to manipulate people is unsuitable for children who might be more susceptible to that sort of thing. As such, all advertisements are unsuitable for children and should not be shown in public.

i don't know which is worse, that i spent an hour writing a mock scientific paper about how spiders would wear pants, or that i foolishly opened it in an alpha app that i KNOW has a tendency to eat files and it ate the file

health insurance workers should be retrained as grave diggers for their fellow health insurance workers

looking for a sensitivity reader (paid!) 

Please ask me questions about service dogs. I love dogs, and I love service dogs :3 It's cool whether you need one, think you might need one, or are just vaguely curious about them and their handlers. I love all the questions 💚 :serviceDog:

#serviceDogs #assistanceDogs #disabilityLifestyle #spoonie #mastodogs #AMA

i just got sent a long and heartfelt email from someone about how OCRbot helps them and how they couldn't use fedi without it

they have vision issues and can't really caption the images themselves, and rely on OCRbot to do it for them

this is the first time i've ever seen someone with a physical disability talk about OCRbot and um, it feels really special and also quite strange that so much responsibility has been placed on it and myself

@QueenMollyBones I crochet and I can tell J's blankets are very nice. :blobhearteyesa:

did you vote in a @vantablack poll this week?

feel free to pause this poll, change the answer, and come back to vote "yes"

Friends who do ruby rails development at use VSCode: Is there any way to get "go to definition" to open up the definitions for gems?

The Black Trans Travel Fund is a mutual-aid project developed in order to help provide Black transgender women with the financial resources needed to be able to self-determine safer alternatives to travel, where women feel less likely to experience verbal harassment or physical harm. This project was created out of direct response to the relentless and unacceptable violence Black transgender women across the country have been experiencing. We are currently providing our service to Black trans women in New York and New Jersey, and will be working to expand our efforts to other states soon!

#MutualAid #Transgender
#NY #NJ #Travel #Fund

while they get bigger, it is helpful to be reminded that they are still very much not big

asking for advice on hrt, meds, ftnb 

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