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Actually I really wanted the fairphone 3... hmmmm

begpost (sorry), links (ko-fi, patreon, bandcamp) 

hey yall i really hate to do this but i only have $15 in my bank account rn and i need money for food and i cant work in my current state
every bit of support helps and means so so much :blobheart:

@maloki the most aggressive example bc they're as hot as their posts are bad, and their posts are exquisitely awful

Mastodon has too many fucking hot people on it. biggest drawback of this website.

Me: today I surely can start doing the stuff.

My body: hahhahahahahahhahahahahahha

When relieved tension hurts more than the tension itself.

Body, why you like this?

I just went down a Tiffany Haddish rabbit hole, and let me tell you, it was glorious.

And now I've ordered her book! :)

So, today was my first real encounter with the NHS and all what that means.

This was very much me:

I did the thing. Now I just need to do two more things this week... >_<

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I keep seeing straight people post, catch myself taking offense and then realize I'm not straight.

Fuck those guys.

We need to awe more at how powerful a device we can carry with us in our pockets.

The future is now.

Anxiety stuff/obsessive anxiety stuff 

I also scratched up my entire scalp again...

Guess that at least means I have something to show the doctor tomorrow. πŸ™ƒ

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But then I remembered that a bunch of you always moan about it being Monday, and I'd seen none of that today, so it couldn't possibly have happened

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We're doing something a little different this year β€” trying to encourage more people to start a blog with a #CyberMonday sale on Pro. For all of tomorrow, you can get a year of Pro for 25% off our normal price β€” just $45 per year.

Besides giving you all the features we offer, your subscription helps directly fund #WriteFreely development. Just upgrade between 12:01am and 11:59pm UTC to lock in this price permanently.

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