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Here's a neat explanation of why secular and normal Indians + Indian-origin people have migrated to Mastodon. Basically, the country's media is owned by the Hindutva terrorist govt as are most social media employees. There is severe human rights violation in Kashmir being censored by the virulent BJP IT cell. We protest. #India


This only tells half the story, still looking for a mirror big enough to give the full picture.

@fluffy @notimetoplay hmm πŸ€”
Okay, guess it's time to get some stuff done with now that I'm feeling better. πŸ˜…

Anyone else wanna get their hands dirty?

@maloki this would explain why the two people besides myself on this Florence server have complained about not being able to find people on certain upgraded instances recently.

I just assumed it was down to me not setting up "full text search" functionality or something.

@maloki Yes, I think the release notes mention something about the new search making it hard to talk with certain instances using older versions. And wasn't OStatus removed as well?

A question, regarding 3.0?
Did it break compatibility with other Mastodon versions? If so how far back?
If it wasn't supposed to I think we got a major (!) bug on our hands. But I'm unsure it the parameters of it happening.

And like, that's not ancient history, that's happening still. Evangelical Christians use twisted readings of the Old Testament to justify their atrocious antisemitism and Christian Zionism, a foreign policy that uses Jewish shock troops towards a Christian apocalyptic vision

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"A business that sells on Amazon has sent a 62-page letter to lawmakers with extensive data showing how Amazon compels sellers to use its shipping service β€” at significantly higher cost & worse performance.

This has the makings of a serious antitrust suit, but the merchant can’t bring one because binding arbitration is baked in to Amazon’s boilerplate seller contract"

Quote from Stacy Mitchell (@[email protected])

medics at antifa actions are actually some of the bravest people I've ever met

Please, organizers, reach out to your local street medics if _any_ of the following conditions are true:

- your action is more than a hundred people
- you have reason to anticipate Nazi terrorist organizations will be active in the area
- you are marching or otherwise playing in traffic
- you are organizing an encampment
- you are protesting the police, specifically
- you are organizing a black lives matter action

Y'all seem to think you don't deserve us but we wanna be there for you!

Non-binary people are trans enough. You are not a fraud or a special snowflake. You matter. Take care.

What are some of your favorite nonsexual forms of intimacy?
Some of mine:

-Being read to
-Casual, affirming touch (a light touch while walking by, grabbing my hand unexpectedly)
-Any act that makes my life easier

When I opted out of tracking cookies on a website and a pop-up box informed me that I would not be served personalized ads, I clicked on β€œOk” and my mind autocompleted it with β€œβ€¦boomer”

Hey Everyone!

The updated templates are starting to get pushed to the main repository. If you would like to help out we gladly welcome it! :D

Main Repo - UI Update branch

UI Repo

#Rust #Ructe #WebDev #WebUI


I am willing to pay cold, hard, FIAT cash to someone willing and able to port

to golang (that compiles/works on mips64 as a single, static binary -- if that matters. which it probably will)

how much? YOU TELL ME (and let me know why you're a great fit for this task). I am willing and able to pay a premium because this is something far more useful to me in two weeks than two months.

boosts very much appreciated.

If you ever feel down I suggest doing an image searching bassett hounds running. I am dead

who gave the sky permission to be this bright this early

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