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haha yes I love "doing work", and also "being productive"!! It's the best!

*my boss walks away*

ok who wants to guess how many paper clips I can fit in my mouth

wow i hope that this blizzard protest news doesn't kick up a bunch of gamer racism towards the chinese instead of the government or the company (this happens almost instantly) oh no oh god

Blizzard banned a Hearthstone player for pro-Hong Kong statements, so HK protestors are appropriating Mei (from Overwatch) as a symbol of the free Hong Kong movement.

This is, sources say, my shit

astrology is great because you can justify literally anything with "what can i say, it's libra season" and someone will be like "wow what a mood" and you don't even have to know what libra season is

Github has a $200,000 contract with ICE that they just renewed.

pol, Extinction Rebellion, activism 

Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop:

And followed up with some gallery time. 😍

anyone know of a paper or book that looks at heidegger/ardent from a black studies perspective?

i have a caribbean phil. book but i aint see something that is a bit more critical of said authors.

ill be doing a search today for it, but thought i would ask on the off chance someone here knows

I have country roads stuck in my head but instead of West Virginia it’s about Aberystwyth and also the singer is screaming it horribly out of tune as though they were in great pain?

so Kim Goat and I met these fucking cool scientists who were giving like actual 101 lectures on climate science, why the change is bad, how it's more than just the polar ice caps melting. and omg I loved what they were doing so much

so, we volunteered to help them move their tents where all their equipment and displays were. the tents had these big metal weights and Kim and I carried one between us, they were heavy as shit yo. so we heard more cop cars coming in to cause a problem and Kim said "well, we've got something to put through their window" and I said "I was more thinking through their skull" not realising one of the middle class white people from XR was who was helping us was listening in and said "oh no" don't do that"

US fascism + ICE, call to action 

Thread by AOC: "I know the term “prison abolition” is breaking some people’s brains. The right is already freaking out. Yet the US incarcerates more than an […]"

@blkstarseed privilege makes a lot of people entrenched in their beliefs and entitled to a direct explaination, some of them literally don't understand thing can be bad for people on a systemic level because it's ok for them. like you said, shut the fuck up and listen, it's free

reading, listening, and shutting up are 100% free

but y'all white people stay making frivolous life choices and expecting PoCs to pay the price as you "unpack your white fragility" and other nonsense

positive subtoot 

for halloween i'm going as a neurotypical person

ooOOOOoooh i'm going to imply something important and get upset when you didn't understand the subtext instead of just telling yooouuuu! ooOOOoOOooh you should spend more time outside your comfort zoooone! ooOOOOooooh you just need to stay pooositiiive

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