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I will say this tho: it does take some passion to be able to step to folks the way some vegans do, so dont let anyone tell you white folks have no backbone :P

It's just, y'know, you gotta use it for those more critical issue.

@SallyStrange This make me think about something i've said before: you deal with white supremacy, you knock out like 50 intersecting problems.

However, it's easier to convince people to stop eating hamburgers than it is to convince them to not be racist. So i understand it's a 'war of multiple fronts'.

But sometimes i cant help but wonder if some white folks *intentionally* pick the smallest molehills to die on.

If you're a white vegan with the audacity to yell at strangers about their dietary habits, you have implicitly given me carte blance to scream in your face about colonialism and all of the terrible horrible no good very bad things white people do. And have done.

This one feels very relevant right now:

(even if it's all private)

liberals, ICE, workplace raids, capitalist exploitation 

Hey, does anyone know of any projects which utilizes an equity based model for distributing funds within the project?

We're researching it for , as it's how we'd like to distribute funds, and are looking to see if there are other projects we can get inspired by, or if we need to start from scratch (Why reinvent the wheel?).

Thanks in advance for any response, and boosts 💞

Time to drug my hands. The absolutely HATE that I'm packing...

Glad I made a salve/ointment (it's not really a salve, just oil really)

Chronic Pain/autoimmune and gameing 

Does anyone know of any decent apps to do some trading?

Today I'm doing a small act of solidarity.

I have way too much food at home before the move. And I don't just mean fridge. I mean my cupboards were filled to the brim with dry goods and non perishables.

@bhaugen fair enough.
I was talking about equity in relationship with equality.

Not return on investment, fiscal or otherwise.

I think a lot about these spaces, this internet, as multigenerational spaces, and multicultural ones. We all have very different standards of interacting, intimacy, assumed good intentions, assumed bad ones.

My suspicion is that it all has to do with the fact that most people just straight up do NOT have access to these tools. The distribution of the internet, like the distribution of electric and telecommunication infrastructure, like the distribution of computers, like the distribution of wealth, has been vastly uneven.

computer programming is an art that was pioneered by women, and the fact that men have swooped in and claimed it as their own and used it to advance misogyny and sexism is an absolute travesty

we need to reclaim programming as something for everyone

we need to reclaim it as a thing to use for fun and as a personal tool, instead of something you learn for careers to impress corporations

computer programming should be a place where misogyny, sexism, corporations, and capitalism don't belong

Oslo shooting 

Oslo shooting 

Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right Iconography and Symbols (Mega Post, boosts welcome) 

Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right Iconography and Symbols (Mega Post, boosts welcome) 

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