Pain (---) 

This one feels very relevant right now:

(even if it's all private)

Thank you everyone for making my move a bit easier by supporting projects I work on!

And yes, I got a raise thanks to the increased support πŸ’•

CW for eye contact and weight talk ++ / new profile picture 

Today's is also featuring my mom and her dog!

We're mostly in chill mode though . No EC.

I'm not sure what happened...
Nothing? Something? Still looks okay. πŸ˜…

I forgot how much pain I can get in my feet... I was just wandering for a bit in Stockholm. πŸ˜…

Something I've been wanting to do for years is sleep under the stars.

I'm the only one not in a tent, and I'm loving it. I'm still covered in case of rain, and I'm warm.

This is so beautiful

Linux nerdery / noob and loving it 

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