Since moving in with my friends I've received two letters.

One beautiful poetry zine from @ArtistMarciaX

And a beautiful photo from @kemonine

Thank you both!

Self-isolation from house mates 

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Something cheerful today: Bubs our neighborhood cat, is visiting again.

He came upstairs and investigated my bed with very loud purrs. He's the chirpiest cat I've ever met and I absolutely adore him.

Loa was home over the weekend, and we built together an ikea shelf yesterday for our house mates.

Took a long walk. Longer in time, than distance. I got stuck trying to defeat a Team Rocket Leader for PokΓ©mon Go. I tried and tried.

Then I went and did some extra shopping.

Found these cuties! We'll be using them for our future meet-ups for the Trans & Women folx Poly meet-up in Manchester! So people know who we are without having to ask.

Food, non-vegetarian 


But! Unpacking my boxes i finally found my MacBook Air! It's from Late 2010, still runs and has received a new charger which works!

We bought the charger months ago, but didn't know which box the computer was hiding in!

It was in my streaming box, which I've had no reason to unpack yet.

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Me: I should finish reading the books I already have.

My house mate buys these: (see image)

Me: one or two pages can't hurt right?

⚠ Warning for predatory behavior 

Under this blanket is @error_1202 's Doggo Gary.

We're cuddling on the sofa while everyone's asleep. 😍

Added one image where he's next to the blanket, but all 4 humans are close to him.

And I got to meet the usual suspects when it comes to pet guests in this house. Both came by today!

A neighborhood cat/kitten.

And @error_1202 's doggo!

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