Humble Bundle just went live with an Australia Fire Relief Bundle.

All the proceeds goes to 3 different charities (you can choose how much to which).

Check it out here:

(this is a partnered link, but money only goes to charity from what I can tell, and I wholly support there.)

I need to share this with all of you.

My mom is upcycling a dress with a piece of fabric art I made on our sowing machine when I was a little kid.

And it's so heartwarming.

I love the way 2020 looks on the page, and I just can't resist writing more.

I received this specific journal in 2002. So it's kind of nice to come back to it more in 2020.

Today I did my best to participate in the practice which will make this into the cultural norm:

I bought @so__confused a book (at the second hand store), both because she is cute and I enjoyed her company, and I want to perpetuate this new norm, AND I like sharing books with people.

This week's breakthrough in gave me a Shiny Moltres 😍
And it had pretty good stats!

(let me know if you want to be friends!)

Oh my God, random Pokémon photo bombed! This is an exciting development!

You can't always do everything, just do what you can.

Best part of being at the restaurant today is they were smacked right between two pokestops!

And 3 gyms that are ours (I took over 2).


This little inspirational image could pretty much be applied on "how to become less racist"

Can anyone else tell how unhappy my graphics card is?

Windows repair probably won't rescue this...

Same screenshot on the other phone.

However, settings on the other one was larger text. So it's not actually comparable.

Screenshot to compare.

Screenshot of two toots taking up the entire screen

Actually this will be incorrect because I have different settings. Hmmm. 🤔

Health + / -, injury (be warned) 

So, today was my first real encounter with the NHS and all what that means.

This was very much me:

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