If you want to get a hint of how much of your knowledge of history has been white washed, I HIGHLY recommend this lecture with Akala:

And if you're from the UK, you definitely want to watch this too (still Akala)

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@maloki very interesting. The fact that the setting is in scotland really help support what Akala is saying.

@maloki the part about glasgow and the knife crime vs london.
The part where jamaica had a pact (for lack of the actual technical term) with england/britain before scotland did.
His scotish grampa hating his english grampa more than his skin colour.
The language part in scotland vs in jamica where they speak english

That in a scotish audience works very well to make those point around specifically targeting people for their skin color while making it about anything but skin colour

algorithm, fascist 

@maloki "up next: Tommy Robinson | Full Address | Oxford Union"

algorithm, fascist 

@kiilas y u watch fascist stuff so you get it recommended? 🤔

algorithm, fascist 

@maloki i don't watch fascist stuff, and even in private browsing it's in the top 3 recommended videos to the one you linked

algorithm, fascist 

@kiilas @maloki show up as 2 recomendation here too

re: algorithm, fascist 

@kyzh @kiilas I'm sorry, I was being facetious...

re: algorithm, fascist 

@maloki @kyzh it's cool 💜

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