Would any of you be interested in helping us with moderation on peertube.social?

@c0debabe right now the donations just about cover the hosting. so unless that changes, paid work seems unlikely.

@peertubesocial make sure you get a lot of volunteers then so you don't pile a tone of work on just a few people

@c0debabe @peertubesocial Also worth mentioning: Your moderators will see the worst of the worst of your community (and any it associates with), this should be paid work as soon as it's possible.

@maloki @peertubesocial This is exactly why I ask about pay and staffing levels. 💯

@c0debabe @maloki do you have the impression that this is a business? because the whole instance is run by volunteer work, there simply is no money to earn.


@peertubesocial I'm facepalming so hard right now at this comment.


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