Would any of you be interested in helping us with moderation on peertube.social?

@c0debabe right now the donations just about cover the hosting. so unless that changes, paid work seems unlikely.

@peertubesocial make sure you get a lot of volunteers then so you don't pile a tone of work on just a few people


@c0debabe @peertubesocial Also worth mentioning: Your moderators will see the worst of the worst of your community (and any it associates with), this should be paid work as soon as it's possible.

@maloki @c0debabe if the donations ever exceed the hosting fees, we will definitely split them.

@maloki @peertubesocial This is exactly why I ask about pay and staffing levels. 💯

@c0debabe @maloki do you have the impression that this is a business? because the whole instance is run by volunteer work, there simply is no money to earn.

@peertubesocial @maloki You're asking people to volunteer to sort through poop. I just wanna make sure the volunteers are gonna be treated fairly.

@c0debabe @peertubesocial @maloki Felix, the admin, is really great. Frankly, i'm fine with not being paid (but that's me). Especially considering right now the levels of modération required are relatively small.
Part of getting more volunteers is of course to not have too many hours required. As stated though, if donations go up, getting the admin and thenmods some compensation could become possible.
I see the occasional moderation as my support for peertube.

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