Hi, it's me again, just a reminder: it's okay to be wrong. It happens to all of us. The important bit is how you handle having it pointed out to you.

And it's okay to respond with "I can not process this right now, let me get back to you", instead of say lashing out as a defense mechanism.

This shit takes practice though. So start practicing.

I believe in you. 🙏❤️

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@maloki @c0debabe not only ok, actively encouraged! Being comfortable with being wrong is extremely important to learning and growing

“You’re wrong” is not a judgment of you as a person. We are ALL wrong about a great many things, all the time. Having it pointed out is one of the greatest services someone can do for you, even if it can be uncomfortable

As Harlan Ellison said (and the irony that he is the one who said this is not lost on me): “I hate being wrong, but I love it when I’m set straight.”

@tellio @calcifer @maloki @c0debabe Some situational irony here but... Would you mind providing a description for images in the future? Especially when it's a picture of text, it would help with accessibility a lot to have a transcription :)


@maloki Our whole culture breeds this idea that we should never be wrong, and apologising is weakness. It’s toxic as hell and we all need to unlearn it, difficult though that may be.

@InvaderXan @maloki i feel like something that's like the mirror of this needs to be said about being right too. something like "it doesn't make you better than whoever was wrong, it just means you had more accurate information to begin with"

@InvaderXan @thamesynne also, in a lot of cases it doesn't matter who's right or wrong. But a lot of us, myself included, will act very high and mighty when we think we're right. Our even when we know we're right beyond a shadow of a doubt. How we act in that situation can also make it harder for people to admit their wrong. So we definitely need to be humble once in a while (especially white folx who think they got all the answers).

@InvaderXan @maloki I don't think I need to learn it so much as drunk me needs to.

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