if anyone is in the uk and wants me to send them some pods of sweet pea seeds (will probably flower white) lmk

I'll probably also have some spare tomato seeds if anyone is interested

seeds I am giving away to UK people: [boost pls!] 

these are all from opened packs I've not used all of:
- cayenne peppers
- corno di toro mixed (sweet) peppers
- ildi tomatoes
- orange berry tomatoes
- kelvedon wonder peas (early dwarf var.)

these are ones I've harvested the seeds of myself:
- sweet peas [white flowering]
- sunflowers
- Apache chilli peppers [good for growing indoors!]

I'll pay postage, DM me if you want any

seeds I am giving away to UK people: [boost pls!] 

@bryn this is so great!

I probably have too much seeds myself, I just need to find them (moved twice, unsure which box they are in. 😅)

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