Me, asking for Money or food, not a meme. 

When we moved away from Sweden we gave away our food to people who needed it.

It was my entire stock of staple food which would get me through rough patches of not having money.

If you're in the Manchester area, you may have staple food to spare, I'd happily take some off your hands.

If you're not, a few $ to my paypal would be most welcome. I will show you what I buy with it!

Me, asking for Money or food, not a meme. 

I'm having trouble getting the right words together for this. But basically it's the first time since I'm 16 that I'm moving somewhere without brining my stash of food.

It wasn't convenient to bring it to the UK from Sweden. Especially since we were living with family.

So we're starting from scratch.

I try to help people when I can with food and stuff, and CTA to help them. So I'm hoping someone want to help me get started in our new home.

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Me, asking for Money or food, not a meme. 

Thank you everyone. I got enough to help me out. ❤️

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