What did you read, book or article, or other, this year that changed your life?

Even if only momentarily, temporarily, or a current sticky situation?

I read a poetry collection, "I loved you in Paris: A Memoir in Poetry", which helped me get over a hangup I had this summer.

I read The Souls of Black Folk, by W. E. B. Du Bois, originally published in 1903, which is still incredibly relevant. Good to help you see some patterns in society, especially when it comes to racism but also classism etc.

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The latter didn't necessarily change my life, but it's helped me put a lot of racism and colonialism shit into perspective.

@maloki what kind of freaked me out The Souls of Black Folk was how much *nothing* has changed. Like, DuBois was calling out the same racist arguements and attacks then, and open racists and 'color-blind' white folks are still making today.

It really gave me a feel for the way it all connects, the patterns of racism and how they play out differently, but never really change.

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