An old lady at the pharmacy tried to encourage me to go visit some of the local collections of trees after Ibrought up that Ireally miss the swedish forests.

She was like "at least it's some trees", it was adorable.

@maloki Aww, yeah, I've had things like that happen. They just don't imagine how different other countries can be.

Still, it is some trees, and trees are good anyway :)

@error_1202 Truuue, I did mention to her that it's the proper pine forests that I miss the most.

@maloki Yeah it's definitely not the same.

I miss lakes and there are things here called lakes but they're not the same at all.

@maloki reminds me of people wanting me to go to the local "forest" that feels more like a park when what I'm missing is nature as in wilderness.


this did not take the 'ok boomer' direction I was expecting

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