Can someone post or link the meanings of the different colored hearts.

At least like we've been using them here.


@maloki …they have different meanings? I just use 💜 because I like the color and it seems more… casual than the red one


I’m not sure there is a universal meaning, or if there is people are likely to ignore it and/or make their own.

However, might be a good place to start.

Apparently the green heart is known an jealous heart as well.

@UnclearFuture @maloki I use the green heart because *points at user handle* and I'm currently aro and historically polyam with a nonexistent sense of jealousy, so I could hope I'm reclaiming it for people who like plants and the color green? XD

relationships, feelings and hearts 

@maloki i use 💜 because that's my colour, some people use different hearts based on who's fronting

@maloki most people I know just use the colour they like

@lightdark Yeah I think it was a meme thing, but it sitll made sense to me .P

@maloki I use the green heart because it’s my trademark color

@maloki I don't know that there is a different meaning. I just use the one that feels good in the moment haha

@hope I think it's a même, but they appealed to me

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