If you'd watch me keep a talk related to Activity Pub at a conference, what would you like to hear me talk about?

Remember, It's not all about the tech.

Speaking of, who'd be up to sharing a room at this ?

I think I successfully submitted a talk (two actually) to !

I'm looking at how to fund my own travel and lodging. Let me know if you want to help me!

Tusky and Florence doesn't really have enough funds yet to pay for the whole thing, but you can view it as a contribution to those projects by proxy if you like.

I'm going to the and I got my talk accepted! Time to start working on it! 😘❤️

I hope to see a bunch of you there!

On that note. If there's any you don't think I should miss out on send them my way.

I'm mostly going to be talking about Activity Pub's (and it's variants') role in the future of the Social Web.

@maloki Ever since I read, I've been thinking a lot about social models on the internet, whether it's video game communities & guilds, specialist forums, subreddits or instances

I'd like to hear more ideas from more people about how we organise our online lives, what models work well, and what models don't work as well as we'd think

If you have opinions on that, I'd like to hear them

@maloki I _love_ this idea.

What are the societal benefits of distributing (and moderating?) content this way?

Does ActivityPub solve any of the inherent problems of the centralized, for-profit gate keepers, or would it further complicate matters?

How do we ensure marginalized groups get a safe space and a voice in a distributed ‘open’ network like this?

On a micro level, what are some effective talking points or methods of convincing regular folks to try ActivityPub/Masto/PixelFed/etc?


The difference between a "corporate community" and a community, i.e., the actual difference between the fed in general and Twitter as a monolith.

(then again that might be veering a bit much? also if you don't feel it's worth mentioning don't feel like you gotta)

@sydneyfalk I am asking for what people want to hear about, so I can see how it aligns with what I'm already planning for my proposed talk, and if I need to complement it with another talk at the unconference part of the same conf :D

@maloki I like the idea of talking about the ways federated social media can both help and harm marginalized people

@remotenemesis I will probably share something about it later. It it will be in the announcement. I need to refine my summary for the next week

@remotenemesis I don't know. But I'm sure we can figure something out.
Worst case record and upload later rather than live, and anyone can do that with a phone

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