Or just don't be a Nazi apologist. Fedilab only brought it in themselves because they added it and then removed it. They could've stayed out of the whole conversion if they wanted to. But here they are, coddling.
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Because I got a lot of pressure coming from people that told me that my app will be banned. I blocked Gap and I wrote to Google. I didn't get a reply, after weeks so there was no reasons to keep it.
I fully support the work of Tusky devs but not the destroying one of their CM.
Because she is playing with this situation, by boosting horrible and defamatory toots concerning my work.

Are you serious ? For real ? @Tusky was my first masto app, and I liked it a lot. I only temporarily switched to @fedilab (that I like too now šŸ˜ƒ) because of a bug. But it has also been my biggest disappointment in that whole shitstorm. Promoting your app is one thing. Actively calling for the harassment of the competition is completely out of line, to say the least. Boo to you sir.
@nvsr @switchingsocial @JPEG

@RLetot except I've never actively called for the harassment of anyone.
I'm only explaining why they are getting it.
But heck, I guess us blocking a place which actively encourages harassment is why we're now getting harassed, and I brought it on myself too right?
I'm fine with that.

@Tusky @fedilab @switchingsocial@mastodon.at @JPEG

@maloki maybe not directly, you are right. But you failing to see the difference between what @fedilab does and an actual Ā«Nazi apologistĀ», your public repetitive use of that kind of vocabulary (heck, no need to go far, right there on the public @Tusky feed on 19th June: Ā«Fedilab, Nazi enablingĀ»), your repetitive public boosting of people dismissing @fedilab,... if you really don't see the inevitable consequences of those actions, you're the lousiest CM ever. Boo again. @switchingsocial @JPEG

@maloki and btw no you don't deserve harassment. Nobody deserves harassment. Harassment is a desease, and the fediverse needs to find ways to deal with it. I do think that @Tusky 's decision is ill advised, both technically and fundamentaly, and I'd love to discuss it. But there is simply no way to discuss in the current climate, which you help create and feed by saying that people who don't agree with you are Ā«Nazi apologistsĀ». See the problem ? @fedilab @switchingsocial @JPEG

@RLetot @Tusky it's very simple, you don't see how your position enables Nazis, while I believe it does. There's no discussing it, because you're basically in crouching on my right to live, and that is not up for debate.
If you defend people who want me dead we have nothing to talk about, there's no way we can debate that. I hope you can respect that?

@maloki I'm definitely not Ā«in crouching on your right to liveĀ», that's completely absurd, a malignant distortion of what I say. Sorry to point what seems to be a pattern: you exacerbate, exagerate to the extreme, polarize opinions,... to stop any uncomfortable discussion.
I had to search for the English term: it's fallacious logic. I don't know if you realize it or not, and I don't know which is worst... but I'll stop there, my English is not strong enough...
@Tusky @fedilab @switchingsocial

@maloki besides, you said Ā«nazi apologistĀ», not Ā«nazi enablerĀ», that's subtly different (another rhetoric trick).

More to the point, both are wrong.

If @fedilab not implementing arbitrary non-effective dangerous technical measures makes it a Ā«Nazi apologistĀ», what do you say about web browsers ? Net providers ? Food providers ? Healthcare providers ? All of them provide services to nazis, some even access to gab. Are they all Ā«Nazi apologistsĀ» ?

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