Since I can't cool down in the ocean I'm cooling down in the shower


So, small tips to stay cool.

Dampen a towel, small / medium size. Put it over your neck, or chest, or under boobs (if that's an option), or over your thighs. The fact that it's a bit wet (not dripping mind you) helps cool you down.

Run super cold water over your wrists, alt put the water in the sink to keep, and dip your hands into it once in a while.

Sometimes it's better to take a hot shower than a cold one.

@maloki Freeze grapes to snack on. It's a healthy way to cool yourself from the inside out.

@intherain @maloki also peel bananas and freeze them, or apricots which split easily afterwards with a hammer

@maloki I like tepid showers, especially before going to bed.

@maloki I also filled a towel with ice cubes and put on my head a couple of times when I lived in a week of 40+ heat in South Africa without AC.
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