coming out 

Hey so I'm coming out as bisexual, and it's all thanks to Mastodon. Just kidding. But only a little.

Re: coming out 

@ashfurrow also, Yey. I'm happy we helped you along the way.

I kind of want to write a meta post about you and @zigg now, and some other folks I've seen make these journeys with us.

I'm probably doing it without names (blog post), but wouldn't mind linking to yours if it's okay?

Re: coming out 

@maloki So I know that I’ve written a number of things and they’re fair game but I feel weird about someone else (even someone I trust, like you!) writing about my story here. I feel more comfortable writing my own story, when I want to, right? But the simple fact that I did feel comfortable and supported here seems fine to say. 🙂 @ashfurrow

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