I want to have a larger conversation about what accessibility is for me.

It's definitely not only about screen-readers, which seems to be the focus for a lot of people in development.

I need to put it all down some time, but not right now. >_>

@maloki our @stsp gave a talk that did a really good job highlighting "hidden" accessibility problems... in this case, for a friend with a brain injury whose concentration can falter after a matter of seconds. Try typing a masked password!

The way we interface with computers is actually quite profoundly complete, coordinating fingers and eyes and train of thought and following a UI... it is easy for a hiccough anywhere in the chain to cause issues, not just the familiar things we often address.

caps & grumbling 

@pamela @maloki @stsp If only Android (or iOS?) had an option to show all passwords. Wait. It does. BUT APPS & WEBSITES DON'T RESPECT IT.

Even with a fairly neurotypical brain (some might question that), I have long password-generator created passwords. Transcribing 30 chars of gibberish text while the kids are being kids is next to impossible. How much more aggravating it must be for this friend.

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