In case anyone's missed it, 's mattermost is open for everyone who wants to work on a community driven fork for .

You can join it here:

We're currently working on a living document to decide what the goal of the fork is going to be, and how we want to work, this is the best time to contribute to that!

@maloki I would like to do German translations. I made a Mattermost account. The platform keeps rendering itself inoperable. I tried three different browsers on two devices. Can we communicate via Mastodon? This seems more functional.

Plus, I would like to delete my Mattermost account. I can neither find a corresponding function in the account settings nor anything about it in the help section. Do you know how to do this?


Mattermost support stuff 

@juni Rendering itself inoperable in which way?

Did you verify your account?

Are your browsers up to date?

If it's only white, have you tried the option in the client to reload?

Mattermost support stuff 

@juni I'm about to head out, but I'll drop the link on Mattermost to see if someone else can help you

Mattermost support stuff 

@maloki Thank you very much!

Mattermost support stuff 

@maloki I verified the account, browsers and platform (Chrome, Firefox, Ghostery, Android) are up to date. The bug is hard to describe. That is why I can not file a bug report. I do not know how to express the problem in the correct technical terms. Right after logging in, it pops up the blue menu from the right, and I can not access the chat any more. There is a throbbing element made up of circles and a dot (sorry for the clumsy description) which is supposed

Mattermost support stuff 

@maloki to indicate where I should click, but it does not react to clicks.
The menu itself is functional. That is why I can log out or leave the chat or access the setup. But none of this helps.

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