People who are not introverted: I'd not be able to do nothing all day.

Introverts: it's not really doing nothing, it's recharging in a quiet space on your own terms. And very important to our health.

Feel free to share your examples to recharge.

Mine are: watching series, sometimes gaming, a walk in the park or forest, reading, sometimes writing, tiny amounts of tidying / nesting. Drink tea.




I have a tidy bedroom, a recliner in it, and a TV connected to my computer. It's a great place to relax and watch movies after a long day.

@maloki putting on a podcast or audiobook and doing chores around the house that don't take any focus, is one of my latest faves

@maloki A quiet game like Minecraft or Stardew Valley with some good hot tea, letting my lizard have a supervised run about the apartment floor, snugging under a blanket with a book next to an open window. 💚

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