It should not be safe for Nazis to be outside.

They should not feel safe expressing their opinions.

When your "free speech" means the death of other people, your opinion is not welcome.

And don't give me your paradox bullshit. :bloboff:

@maloki is it okay to ask you to cw nazi-adjacent talk please

@maloki People really struggle with this and I don't understand why.

We live in societies where, as a group, we've decided it's better to resolve our differences through ways other than violence, whether that's through negotiation, economic devices, whatever.

The second you tell people you plan to commit GENOCIDE ON AN ENTIRE PEOPLE GROUP as a way to achieve your goals you lose society's protections.

This isn't complicated.

@sandrockcstm @maloki But you don't use your legal protections and rights just because you do something illegal. Even murderers can't just be 'punched' on the street.
@lain @maloki @sandrockcstm
>Thanne lat us considere also if the conseillyng of hem that conseilleden yow to taken sodeyn vengeaunce, wheither it accorde to resoun. And certes, ye knowe wel nay, for as by right and resoun ther may no man taken vengeance on no wight but the juge that hath the jurisdiccioun of it whan it is graunted hym to take thilke vengeance hastily or attemprely as the lawe requireth.

- The Tale of Melibee

We need to go back.
@lain @maloki @sandrockcstm
There's a lot to be said for good ol' ostracism, of you ask me.
Which you didn't.
...aight, I'm leaving.

@lain @maloki @sandrockcstm By definition, the people who most need to punch murderers on the street were killed by them.


If you take any principle (such as free speech) to its most absolute extreme, it's either ridiculous or obscene.

Nazis achieve both states simultaneously.


Nazis make peaceful interaction impossible, on that basis that they want to eradicate us.
Thus violence against them is inevitable.

I'm so glad that we agree. :)

[boost] nazis, freezepeach 

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