Yo. Seriously.

When someone's letting an idea out into the world, maybe not just squash them with "well you have to solve this problem".

Instead, just share your own stream of consciousness, and help spread the general idea, and supply it with your own thoughts and concerns.

Don't push people down, help build each other up. That's the whole point.

Anyways, I'm very raw today, emotionally.

So sorry if I was snappy.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

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@InvaderXan I feel like we had this conversation yesterday πŸ˜…
Cynical people, everywhere

Yes, so we did. Oh well. I guess the rest of us just have to stick together πŸ’š

So essentially a means of ad hoc wealth redistribution based on trust, providing for those who need it, on demand?

I like this idea.

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