Good lord can people stop taking advantage of vulnerabilities on Matrix instead of reporting them responsibly

@maloki because exploiting deployments with real users is bad


@kevin yes, but do you know what happens when people report vulnerabilities? A lot of the time, nothing.

@maloki I mean, yes, but it's also morally and legally bad to actually exploit another system you don't own.

I could understand if they contacted Matrix, gave them some time (a week, maybe?) to reply, and then released the details publicly. But these recent hacks have been just that - hacks.

@kevin true. This didn't sound like a hack though, just a leak from an insider.?

@maloki Yeah true, the latest one is less so. I was thinking more the actual hack into Matrix production infrastructure ~1 week ago, which (while it revealed some pretty damning security issues in their infra) seemed pretty ungood in terms of responsible disclosure.

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