I may have received a diagnosis, but also started figuring out some other parts.

I'm going to update you all later, I just need to keep it together before I crash, I need to make it back home.

so I'll write something later today.

I can't believe I just posted that without CW. I'm tired

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Probable Diagnosies 

She looked at my skin, moved my joints, asked if I could reach the floor and was like "how pale you are, you have EDS" there was no hesitation in her voice. So hi, I have EDS.

I've never felt so seen as when she held my hand and said that I have EDS, I wasn't just imagining EDS.

She pressed some specific points, I agreed that I had pain there, and she said the I probably have fibromyalgia as well. I looked at the chart later, those are my pain points always.

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Probable Diagnosies 

Lupus! Wait. No. Well, they want to rule out Lupus. So I'm getting a cortison treatment to see if it helps πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜­

10 days of extra stress in my body... She wanted to see how it would affect me, without breaking my stomach more in the process... Puh.

These 10 days may be hell for me. So much for "I'll be fit for fight after the doc appointment"

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Probable Diagnosies 

I'll be taking some blood tests, at a later date, basically they have me a kit which I need to take to another care center when I get home, since I don't live here.

We're checking thyroid, esr (to check infection), my liver again because it's been a bit off before. Maybe something else.

This is where we're starting. I don't think we're taking the genetic EDS tests yet.

My sister has fibro, my brothers mom has lupus. It's not fun, but it's a relief to know I'm not imagining.

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Probable Diagnosis / don't say you're sorry 

Being sorry doesn't help.

Feel free to congratulate me on progress to get properly diagnosed, finally. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

It's not imaginary, it's real, and I can deal with real.

Knowing is half the battle.

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Diagnosis / don't say you're sorry / birthday 

Or throw money at me. It's my birthday in 2hrs, and this shit was expensive. And will cost me more yet. πŸ˜…





Diagnosis / don't say you're sorry / birthday 

@maloki and happy nearly birthday πŸŽ‚

Diagnosis / don't say you're sorry / birthday 

@maloki hey, I see you might be closer to certainty with your medical condition(s). That sounds like great progress :)

Diagnosis / don't say you're sorry / birthday 

@kyzh Fuck yes!

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