Something that tells me shit is finally starting to change: the white male whisper network is growing.

We talk about problem white men. And what to do about them. How to present a united front in telling them that they're assholes & acting on it.

Yes, it's always existed. But there's more so far in 2019 than any previous year.

There's still a loooong way to go. But it feels like a start. Like maybe I dare... hope?

Oops. I said it. We're doomed. Never mind.


Re: manhood 

@mwlucas seriously though, I've started seeing these call outs from people I've been friends with the past 10 years, and it's been so strange and fantastic at the same time.

Also starting to see it from places I didn't expect, and I'm contrast with that I'm seeing men I thought we "good" (nice) dig their heels in when they get confronted.

These are some exciting times.

Re: manhood 


Learning to apologize is a vital skill, and one that's not taught enough.

I've had to tell more than one guy "Look. Nobody cares about your motives yet. If you do a proper apology, then they might start to care that you didn't mean it."

But when they keep digging in after that... yeah.

Many sad surprises.

Re: manhood 

@mwlucas @maloki It's crucial.

A lot will depend on those dads who have sons teaching their boys at an early age that good sportmanship-- saying "my bad" when you foul someone and trying to be more careful afterwards-- applies to everything in life and not just sports.
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