CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

Hi. Please CW your nude images with more than "lewd" please.

I've had to take some double takes in the past few days, because I've read the CW, clicked through and been like, "did I read that wrong, I'm sure this isn't what I consented to view"

If there's genitals front and forward, please indicate such.

re: CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

@maloki What compounds this further is that stock Mastodon won't show you the image description on "sensitive media" until you reveal it, which is *kind of fucked up*.

(because that's a pretty reasonable place to put the explicit description)

re: CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

@varx that's an interesting perspective I've not thought about, from a tech perspective.

re: CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

@maloki Right? There's a kind of chicken-and-egg problem here. (Specifically: How do screenreaders handle sensitive media captions?)

re: CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

@maloki There are times I have wanted to put multiple CWs on something. Like, the first level might be the CW "infohazard (earworm)" and then the description is "baby shark mashup, you've been warned" and then the movie attachment's caption (which I'm not sure actually works?) might be "baby shark from ipanema, this is your last chance".

...but honestly this is probably just an abuse of implementation details or something. :-P

re: CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

@varx technically you do get two warnings though, because you can open the body first before the image, wait.. Maybe this is a Tusky specific feature. 😅

re: CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

@maloki Yeah, on the Mastodon web client just expanding the CW doesn't auto-reveal the image, which is good.

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