Friendica and Diaspora, are the two facebook like serives, right?

Any other?

I've been considering trying friendica just because it looks like it connects to nearly everything. (not to facebook, but well, that's not their fault.)

@feonixrift I'm considering setting up something for my family and their friends, which isn't targeting them with all this bullshit.

I just received targeted ads based on something I SAID IN REAL LIFE, which I did not type ANYWHERE.....

And I'm so freaking upset, I knew they were doing it, but experiencing it... Puh

@maloki I here you. When it finally undeniably happens, it's a horrible moment of the reality sinking in. If you need tech help, feel free to ask. I'll be over here doing something similar...


@feonixrift May need to set up a "friend don't let friends use facebook" service, where we help with the logistics of hosting one of these?

Hmm.... Kinda like Mastohost, but for friendica?

@maloki I think we need a tech support network of humans who have set up self-hosting. Like an old fashioned who-you-can-call phone chain, so no-one gets overloaded but you don't have to go it alone.

@feonixrift hmm, I don't want to lose this thread... but I'm also quite exhausted right now >_<

@maloki I'm saving it, and it will come around again surely. Have no worries.

I would be up for it! Currently self hosting #nextcloud on #RaspberryPi

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