Mastodon does no longer spark joy. You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it.

Now it’s time to recognize what Mastodon has given us, but leave it behind. Mastodon has brought us a community and friends we did not have before. We’ve connected across worlds and fallen in love, we’ve experienced heart ache, and loss.

Today, we thank you Mastodon for everything we’ve had, and everything you’ve given. We will leave you here.

What I have found joy in has been the support and enthusiasm around when we kicked that off in June.

Unfortunately a few issues arose, and we got kind of stopped in our tracks. As you know by our icon, a lot of us were spoonies. Which meant when energies ran out, it was hard to continue.

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Now, We want to utilize all the good work we did, by rebooting the project. I’ve rescinded my rejection of managerial positions, and I’m getting my hands dirty, because you deserve it and honestly so do I.

By we, I am referring to @PaulFerence @[email protected] @Satsuma and myself.

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I still view us as an interim-group working to get this off the ground. So we started with the basics. Most of our decisions will be based on the discussions we’ve already held during the meetings and in between about what we want, the ones you’ve joined for.

So we’re starting with a name.

, as for us it represents the community, and the acronym was just too good to pass up. Florence Loves Open Responsible Ethical Networks for Communicating with Everyone.

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We are utilizing all the feedback from previous discussions to make decisions and move things along.

We will still fork Mastodon’s code, and we’re reaching a decision about the details around that in the end of this week.

We've prepared an org on GitHub, where the work will start.

is dead, long live

@maloki we advise users to adopt #Fiorenza to refer to the Italian city

@NicolasConstant worst thing is that I don't remember who came up with it first.

Is #Florence based on #GlitchSoc which kinda aims towards the same goal : a better, safer Mastodon, with more tools to offer a nicer and more respectful experience ? Also it's more of a community-driven development i guess. 😶

That fork could be a better base to build upon if i'm getting your goal right.

Good luck anyways 😃

@Oz we're still finalizing where to fork, and how to maintain / develop for that fork.

Hope to be able to update about it in a week. (our next meeting is on Sunday, but getting things down on paper takes a while sometimes).

@DarckCrystale we've already been talking. They were directly related to our work, as we ended up on ice.

@maloki That is AWESOME! If I may ask, what inspired this? Theoretically, how would this be different from Mastodon?

@fr33domlover Hey, github is temporary. Just a first step. Just like Discord.

It's just to get somewhere to start.

Our aim is that all infrastructure will be open-sourced.

Why not gitlab? Remember github is now owned by Microsoft, and God knows what shit they've added to the terms of service.

@maloki @rick_777 @fr33domlover you don't have to host IR, is like github, just saying

@charlag, yes but setting up new accounts and stuff is still more spoons, than just setting up there first. In our case.

As I've said, we'll move of it, we have our eye set on something accessible for non-techies

@rick_777 @fr33domlover

@maloki @rick_777 @fr33domlover I heard you, I just wanted to say it for the future because people been mentioning only self-hosting. I totally understand that it's an effort if the team has accounts in another place already (even though you can login with silos & with gh there)

@fr33domlover @rick_777 if you can't accept it when I say it's temporary and that it's spoon related, I will have to block you.

I've explained, either you accept it or any conversion between us end here. Very simple deal.

Pardon my ignorance, what does "spoon related" mean?

@maloki I'm in a better position to contribute than I was before, at least as far as kicking in a little funds for hosting and suchlike.

@bstacey cool! Thanks for letting me know!

When we fork(details on this soon, and get the repo up the goal is to set up an open collective immediately, and take funding that way.

I'll poke you about it when it's up?

@maloki if you need any assistance with the software tooling & project management stuff, my offer to help or advise still stands.

If you’ve already got that stuff covered, I look forward to seeing how Florence evolves in coming weeks and months 🙂

@bobstechsite More info soon™

But it wont be a one person effort in any regard. :)

@maloki curses, my cunning plan to take over the project and use it to achieve world domination has been foiled! 😜

@maloki will there be a list of stable Florence-running instances in the

@wolfensen oh this is an interesting question. I think we'll consider it.

Still putting together some teams to make these decisions.

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