If you're a white man in any space, consider helping promote non-white and/or non-men in your respective spaces.

It doesn't have to be (or rather shouldn't) 'Omg look at this amazing woman' , it can just be "this is a cool person doing a cool project" or "this person talks a lot about these important things"

By amplifying their voices you make an actual difference.

Putting thoughts about their project down in your own words that you share with others is probably the best way. Even if boosting is good on lazy days.

Letting people know you have this person or project in high regard can make such a big difference to an otherwise silent majority.

We're still in a world where white men's opinions are viewed as the most important. So let's use that to make a better world, together.

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This can also be applied in other ways:

Are you white?

Are you straight?

Upper-middle class?

Are you able-bodied?

Are you neurotypical?

You can use any of these positions to help other people. Doesn't even have to be a stranger, can be a friend. Show someone support, publicly, and start today!

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@maloki Just honest citations of cool work go a long way.

@maloki This is cool! Everyone should do this, regardless of your race or gender. Give love to minority people!

@reddietoexplore There's a few things in the replies from me too, it's a thread :) I do call out other "privileged positions" too

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