@maloki you want me to explain why I use images of dough for DoH ? Just read this toot out loud and you'll understand! =)


@bagder what if I'm blind and can't see your image? And I get info that there's an image there but I do not get told what's on the image by you?

@maloki the image isn't important for the content so you wouldn't miss out anything. It's just a silly visual. Of dough.

@bagder being new to the platform you may not be aware that images have the option to add a description to them. I am personally connected to many folks who have sight issues and they would greatly appreciate having a description added to any image used. Sometime I forget, but I try to add them as a matter of increased enjoyment for these folks, and often as another layer for comedy for the rest of folks.


@zyx @bagder @maloki
I personally get help from mastodon.social/@alt_text who toot me to remind me. Then I can 'delete and redraft' to easily edit+post again. :3

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