Anyone want to know how many coders are ready to ?

Anyone want to know if we have translators? Community managers? accessibility experts? designers / artists, who want to ?

Just waiting for the prepped toots to get the go ahead from proof-readers!

Toots have been proofed.

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As you know, last week I made a Survey to see if you all were interested in a Fork of Mastodon for Governance.

I expected to keep it up for 1-2 weeks, before processing any of the data.

However, the response was huge in just the first 24 hrs, so we went ahead.

And today I'm going to show you some screenshots!

There were no troll-responses that we felt we needed to delete, because there wasn't enough to devalue that survey.

You wanted to

Actually over 100 people (109 responses to the survey) wanted to . And all in all we had 171

To put that in perspective of the 470 contributors that has had on the GitHub repo, I feel like we have a solid base to go from here.

Some of the comments even suggested that "No I don't want to, but we need to", explaining why they ticked No.

But do we really have enough coders? According to the survey, as well as people who reached out in person, yes, yes we do.

We have 50 people who say they can contribute with code. 20+ people who can contribute with Governance of software of organization. Others want to help with experience, money, emotional support, resources. (hover photo!)

Some of the "other:" responses were: Testing, Sysadmin, Code Review, Copywriting, Mentoring new contributors, Security/Penetration testing.

Some of the people who answered to this survey have already been involved in or a .

Overall, people want to either make a new fork, or maybe contribute to an existing one. I know that was the most popular suggested fork, which is appreciated, but @[email protected] made it clear that we wont find governance there. That said, the fork could still be from Glitch-soc and build on the good features they've already helped provide to a fair share of the .

I felt this next question was important to ask, and that we needed to think about it for a bit for ourselves.

Willing to try and give others fresh starts?
75% without hesitation said Yes, to trying to offer others a fresh start.

I knew that I had been controversial in some contexts for , and I wanted people to be willing to give me, and others a fresh start.

I hope that anyone can find someone in the project that they trust, make their voices heard that way.

And last, but definitely not least. Hours! (Which I may or may not have entirely forgotten to prep the text for) .

We have a _good_ distribution of how many hours people can contribute per month!

I am so happy that you all want to , not with me, but with each other. <3

Thank you! More meeting info will come out soonβ„’

The survey will be closed tomorrow night!

If you still want to fill it out, you can find it here:

And there's a "help us start writing a CoC" survey too!

@annika I've been like "When do I t ell people, how much can I tell people" ... :D

I let it cool down a bit, but yeah, I'm really excited \o/

@maloki greater than 40 hours I would have expected to be a small slice, that is a lot of time, I'd prolly fall into a coma at 20 hours on any project.

@maloki I'm guessing a lot of those maybes are 'yes but reserving the right to say no in extreme cases', too.

@bea @maloki I've never been involved in any fork dev mainly because they are mostly poorly commented and comments in the code help break it up and make identifying what things do easier, lack of comment make it inaccessible.

@maloki whoops I never got around to responding darn it

@nev It's still up for another while. You can go ahead

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