#ForkOff / Forking is hostile 

We: Look these concerns about harassment!

You: That's not so important, no one gets harassed here

We: look here, and here. This stuff.

You: Nah that doesn't happen to us, can't reproduce.

We: We really don't like that this happens, and we've put a lot of emotional labour into this project, we want to make it work!

You: Did you add code? No? Fork it! Bye Felicia!

We: OK! We're Forking it!



#ForkOff / Forking is hostile 

If Forking is Hostile, The Act of Telling someone to is equally hostile.

So. You know.

Gargamel asked us to , and here we are.

And if anyone needs receipts:


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#ForkOff / Forking is hostile 

I struggled a lot with if I should in any way lead a charge for a fork, for governance.

I had just not had my contract renewed. It would seem petty and disruptive if I encouraged a fork.

So I bit my tongue, for the past 3 weeks.

I didn't want to rock the boat, I didn't want to be antagonistic. I didn't want to be "that person".

Eugen could manage this himself, he said so, I was willing to give him a chance.

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#ForkOff / Forking is hostile 

I have never had so many people tell me to "Just fork it" as I had today. They told me my contributions weren't valued, because I hadn't contributed code.

What they all had in common? Seemingly Cis-het men, who I'd never heard about before, or seen in any of the discussions about the project. And none of them acted like they knew I had ever contributed to the project either.

But what spurred me on was the attitude.

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#ForkOff / Forking is hostile 

I was like. Hmm, they know we can't fork alone, that much is clear.

It's the typical "If you think you can do it better yourself then go and do so", comes with gaming as well.

What can I do well though, what has been my contribution to Mastodon? It's organizing people and listening to the community.

Huh. So I decided to reach out, and ask the community, who probably went through similar feelings as me today, what they want.

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#ForkOff / Forking is hostile 

I also had a WHOLE OTHER survey in my head, for Main Masto development. For the people who responded with No to if they wanted to .

I had already planned out what I'd be working on over the summer. Finding out what the needs of the community was, was high on my todo list, so was governance.

Then I remembered, Main Masto isn't my responsibility anymore. If Eugen really wanted to know what the community wants and needs, he can make a thorough survey himself.

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#ForkOff / Forking is Self-Care 

So here we are, -ing

This is for the community, who feel like their voice doesn't matter because they can't contribute code.

This is even for Gargron, because he wont have to deal with us nagging him anymore.

You do you, and we'll do us.

This isn't a hostile action, this is self-care.

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#ForkOff / #ForkOffTogether Forking is Self-Care 

I understand some confusion arose and I'm looking to suggest that we instead of just .

It makes sure its significantly different to not be confused with others or us saying Fork-off, but is actually a positive move we're doing for reasons.

Regex filter for those who want to opt out: ||fork-off

(yes yes I know I'm not sleeping yet, but I've taken the meds now will pass out soon)

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